Dar-Ul-Islam by MARK SYKES

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Published by Darf in 1988

ISBN: 9781850771746

Format: Hardback

This immensely readable and amusing work describes the author’s travels through Syria and Turkey in 1902-3. Here the author avoids the tedious narrative of the endless landscapes so beloved by his contmporaries, concentrating instead upon his personal, often outspoken, views of the places he visits and the people he meets. nonetheless, the author conveys much of the realities met by a traveller in those times. Little in the way of the curious or eccentric escapes his notice, and the whole work adds up to a fascinating glimpse of the people of that region, their lives and customs.

First published in 1904, over one hundred photographs, drawings and maps are included in this facsimile edition of Dar-Ul-Islam.


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Product Code 9781850771746 darf
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