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Al Fakhri by C.E.J. WHITTING

Al Fakhri by C.E.J. WHITTING

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Published by Darf in 1990

ISBN: 9781850771845

Format: Hardback

Al Fakhri is amongst the most important texts relating to the early political history of the Muslim dynasties. Completed in 1301, it provides a unique insight into the history of the caliphs and their viziers.

Largely anecdotal, the work was composed by Ibn at-Tiqtaqa for Fakhr ad-Din, prince of Mosul, after whom it is commonly entitled al Fakhri. It deals with Muslim history from the standpoint of the Shi’a, for whom the only legitimate caliphs (‘Successors’) to the Prophet are his descendants; Ali, his cousin, being an exception.

The Present work, first published in 1947, is the first modern translation, it being taken from the work translated by Derenbourg in 1895, and using the Cairo text of 1921. It originally carried the subtitle: ‘On the systems of Government and the Moslem Dynasties, composed by Muhammad son of `Ali son of Tabataba, known as the Rapid Talker, May God have mercy upon him.

It remains a standard work of reference for all Arabic scholars.

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