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Mysteries of the Libyan Desert by W.J. HARDING KING

Mysteries of the Libyan Desert by W.J. HARDING KING

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Published by Darf in 2003

ISBN: 9781850772392

Tags: Libya

Format: Hardback

Before the invention of what W J Harding King calls in his preface ‘prosaic mechanical aids’, our knowledge of such inhospitable regions as the centre of the Libyan Desert depended on the industry and sense of adventure of a few remarkable souls.

And whilst the author of Mysteries of the Libyan Desert returned with much important data, it is the romance of travel itself – so passionately conveyed – that lends his account its particular charm and worth.

‘There are still many problems’, he writhes, ‘that remain unsolved as to “what lies hid behind the ridges” …and speculation is so full of fascination, that it seems almost a pity that those problems should ever be solved.’

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