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The Art of the Saracens in Egypt by STANLEY LANE-POOLE

The Art of the Saracens in Egypt by STANLEY LANE-POOLE

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Published by Darf in 1993

ISBN: 9781850771425

Tags: Egypt

Format: Hardback

Brought to perfection in the Middle Ages, Saracenic art possesses an unmistakable style, instantly recognised wherever it occurs, from the Alcazar of Seville to the mosques of Samarkand, and the ruins of Gaur in Bengal. With centres in Syria, Turkey, Morocco, Persia and India, in some respects the Egyptian is the most important, retaining a fuller record over a longer period in a purer style.

In this popular but professional work of classic accuracy, a wide range of arts are covered: architecture, mural sculpture and calligraphy, mosaic, wood and ivory carving, metalwork, glassware and pottery, all lavishly illustrated.

Stanley Lane-Poole (1854-1931), archaeologist and historian, was for many years keeper of the coin collections at the British Museum, where he compiled a fourteen volume catalogue. In 1883 he conducted an archaeological expedition to Egypt. A prolific writer, he produced classic pieces on Turkey, Spain, the Barbary Corsairs, medieval Egypt, India, and a biography of Saladin.

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