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Arabic: Teach Yourself Author: Mahmud Farhat

Arabic: Teach Yourself Author: Mahmud Farhat

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This is not the first book of Arabic grammer written for foreigners. There are many others. This book differs from them in the simplicity of its method and the suitability to be used without the help of a teacher. We used simple definitions (not to be memorised) many examples, exercises; and Arabic expressions to make the rules understood.

The student does not need any dictionary, because every lesson has a vocabulary of the new words used in it, having only the meaning adopted in that lesson. But, in a comprehensive vocabulary at teh end of the book, more than one meaning has been given to each word. To help the students know the broken plurals, these have been included between brackets in the vocabulry.

The paradigm of all the verbs in the exercises are also shown at the end of the book, together witht present and past principle.

We did our best to include all the grammar and syntax rules needed for a fair knowledge of Arabic. If students want to know more, they shall be able after having successfully completed this course, to use the Arabic books concerned directly.

Paperback: 396 pages
Publisher: Darf Publishers Ltd; New edition (1993)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1850771405
ISBN-13: 9781850771401

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