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Sudan: Struggle For Survival by GRAHAM F. THOMAS

Sudan: Struggle For Survival by GRAHAM F. THOMAS

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Published by Darf in 1986

ISBN: 9781850771180

Tags: Sudan

Format: Hardback

Sudan: Struggle For Survival is a sequel to Sudan: Death of a Dream and continues to examine the struggle of the Sudanese from dictatorship to democracy, and the overthrow of the democratically elected Government by a military coup organised by the Sudanese National Islamic Front which has dominated the nation since 1989. This is seen in the context of immense suffering caused by floods, famine, and a never-ending war in the southern Sudan.

The author was involved in Sudan affairs for over forty years and enjoyed the confidence of many leading Sudanese, Egyptian and British leaders and politicians.

He wrote extensively on the Sudan in the press, and broadcasted frequently over the years on the BBC Overseas Service, especially Africa Network and Focus on Africa.

This book clearly reveals the agony of a Third World country struggling to survive.

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