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The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan by JAMES MORIER

The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan by JAMES MORIER

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Published by Darf in 1986

ISBN: 9781850771456

Format: Paperback

James Justinian Morier (1780-1849) was a British diplomat whose work and travels throughout Persia provided him with a valuable insight into a country and people then little known to Europeans.

The Adventures of Hajji Baba reflects the author’s somewhat pecaresque character but nonetheless is said to represent an accurate picture of nineteenth-century Persian life and manners. it is the story of a likeable rogue who, in various guises as robber, doctor, executioner, etc., is caught up in a series of extraordinary and farcical adventures.

So popular was the work when first published in 1824, that the author followed it with The Adventures of Hajji Baba in England, which met with equal acclaim. This facsimile editing is taken from a reprinted edition with illustrations by H. R. Millar.

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