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The Country of the Moors By. Edward Rae F.R.G.S

The Country of the Moors By. Edward Rae F.R.G.S

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  • Title:The Country of the Moors
  • Author: Edward Rae F.R.G.S
  • Publishers: Darf Publishers Ltd
  • ISBN:  9781850770305
  • Year: 1985

'A French story is told of an Englishman and a Frenchman, who met one rainy night in an inn, and sat before the fire drying and warming themselves. After one or two attempts at conversation, the Frenchman gave it up. Presently the stooped politely forward. "I beg your pardon, sir," he said: "some of the ash of your cigar has fallen on your knee." "Well," said the Englishman, "don't see that it concerns you. Why, the tail of your coat has been on fire for the last half-hour, and I said nothing about it."

Though the tale he rel\ates typifies the Englishman abroad, Edward Rae, the author of this work, Allows no such reserve to stand between himself and his acute observations. Amusing and urbane, Rae illuminates the pl\aces he visits and the characters he meets with his refreshingly light narrative style. he makes no claim to 'convey much original or novel information about the regions around Tripoli and Kairwan which he visited in 1875, none the less, his modesty belies a work of no little historical value.

This fine facsimile edition includes the author's delic\ately etched illustration, which further enhance the work's lasting charm.

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