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The Fall of Constantinople by EDWIN PEARS

The Fall of Constantinople by EDWIN PEARS

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Published by Darf in 1987

ISBN: 9781850771760

Format: Hardback

"The conquest of Constantinople was the first great blunder committed by the west in dealing with the Eastern Question."
On this statement the author of The Fall of Constantinople founds his hypothesis that the diversion of the fourth Crusade, its attack upon and eventual capture of Constantinople, far from strengthening the 'bulwark of defence' against Asia, led directly to the decline of European influence in that region and created a vacuum into which the dominant forces in Asia were inexorably drawn.
Drawing from many sources, the author charts the political influences governing the course of the fourth Crusade and, against a background of conflicting national interests, plots the fate of Constantinople, the tremors from whose fall reverberated across Europe for centuries. First Published in 1885, the work is here republished in facsimile.

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